Rachel Allen’s Coconut and Lime Cake

Coconut and Lime Cake

Coconut and Lime Cake

I was racking my brains for inspiration for my first ever cake club meeting. The theme was holiday flavours, this got me thinking tropical holidays, tropical fruits and then bingo I thought Coconut and Lime Cake. I had been looking through my vast collection of cookbooks (I’m not exaggerating I have a lot of books) and came across a few different versions of the same cake. However, it was a Rachel Allen’s version of this cake I opted for. The chosen recipe was taken from Rachel’s book entitled ‘Cake’, a beautifully put together book but somewhat lacking in photographs. The recipe and ingredients appeared straight forward and I had the right size cake tin 20cm square. So I thought it was worth a go regardless of whether I knew what it should look like.

If like me you have one of the first print editions of Rachel’s book then you will soon realise there is an error in the recipe, as it does not state when to add the coconut mixture. I found from Rachel’s website that it should be incorporated after the flour has been folded in.

I use a fan oven so quite frequently when I’m following recipes I have to adjust the oven temperature by about 10-20c. For this cake I decided to bake it at 160c but in hind sight this might not have been the right thing to do as it took 1 hour to bake not 35 minutes as the recipe said. Just like the Blackberry Buttermilk Sponge cake.

The resulting cake was moist and with a pleasing flavour. Both the coconut and lime came through perfectly. I increased the quantity of coconut milk in the icing to suit my taste and it was really delicious. A lovely change from the usual sponge cake.

I was a little nervous of letting the other cake club members try my cake but it wasn’t any sort of competition so I had nothing to lose. I think they liked it, my family certainly did so I’m pleased. I would definitely make this cake again. If you have Cake by Rachel Allen give this recipe a go and let me know how you get on.

A mug of tea with a serving of coconut and lime cake

A mug of tea with a serving of coconut and lime cake

Until next time.


2 thoughts on “Rachel Allen’s Coconut and Lime Cake

  1. maria hennessy says:

    Ive just made this cake and did the coconut milk to boil then added the milk but it didnt say if i was to add it to the cake so i put it to one side then when i went to make the iceing it was not included there,where did it go wrong???

    • Julie says:

      Sounds like you have one of the earlier print editions of the book, which doesn’t say when to add the coconut mixture. The coconut mixture needs to be added after the flour. I hope that helps for next time.

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