Tomato, Pepper and Rocket Penne Pasta

Tasty bowl of pasta

Tasty bowl of tomato, pepper and rocket penne pasta

I love the colours in this bowl of pasta, so vibrant and rich. This really is so simple and makes a lovely lunch. I have used jars of roasted peppers and semi dried cherry tomatoes in oil, I bought mine from Marks & Spencer. You won’t need lots, so what’s left is ideal for topping a pizza, adding to pasta sauces or incorporating in soda bread. See my cheese and sun dried tomato soda bread for inspiration.

Ingredients (Serves 1 easily doubled)

100g whole wheat penne pasta
40g semi dried cherry tomatoes (in oil)
60g roast peppers (in oil and chopped)
A handful of rocket leaves
Parmesan cheese (grated)


1. Cook the pasta in salted boiling water until al dente, then drain.

2. In a bowl toss together the pasta, tomatoes, peppers and rocket, so the residue flavoured oil from the tomatoes and peppers coats the pasta.

3. Top with grated Parmesan.

This lunch time pasta is super quick to make. I hope you enjoy it.


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