Nigel Slater’s Spaghetti with Sausage, Quince and Cranberries

Christmassy Pasta

Christmassy Pasta

I found Nigel’s recipe in the December issue of the Sainsbury’s Magazine (still on sale) and it is inspired by Christmas flavours. The eagle-eyed of you will spot that I’ve not actually used spaghetti but have opted for bucatini pasta instead. It’s a personal favourite of mine and I think it was a great substitution choice.

As you can see from the picture, I have used cocktail sausages as directed in the recipe and they go perfectly with the caramelised onions. The recipe requires quince paste to balance the sharpness of the cranberries and also works well. I’ve never bought quince paste before and fortunately it was easy enough to find in the shops. It’s a bit different from the type of pasta dishes I usually rustle up and made a pleasant change. If you have any leftover cranberries and cocktail sausages after the Christmas festivities maybe give this recipe a try.

Until next time.