Christmas Fair Cupcakes

Xmas fair cakes

The school Christmas fair is tomorrow and I have baked today 24 Christmas cupcakes for the refreshments stall. I’m hopeful that they will be priced at £1 each but I’ll have to wait and see.

Baking today reminded me of when I offered to run a cupcake stall at the school Christmas fair a few years ago. I meticulously planned for the event as my intention was to bake and decorate 300 cupcakes. This was no easy feat, consideration had to be given to the ingredients, transportation and time required.

After shopping around, getting the best price for the ingredients and buying giant corrugated cupcake boxes, I set to work. Eighteen hours later, covered in icing sugar and most definitely exhausted I had finished all 300 cupcakes. Hooray! I had done it.

On the day of the Christmas Fair my mum helped me on the stall (thanks mum) and thankfully the cakes sold really well raising lots of cash.

This year I’ve used my Amazing Vanilla Sponge Cupcake recipe and topped the buttercream swirl with sugar snowflakes and red, green and white hundreds and thousands.

Xmas fair cakes on display

Xmas fair cakes boxed up

Do share your Christmas fair baking stories with me, I would love to hear them?

Until next time.



7 thoughts on “Christmas Fair Cupcakes

    • Julie says:

      Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you to say. I use a wide star stainless steel nozzle with a disposable icing bag. I hold the icing bag directly above the cupcake and then pipe a star in the centre. Then starting from the outside edge I pipe a swirl (still holding the icing bag upright) in a round and upwards motion towards the centre. I hope that helps.

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