Milk Chocolate and Walnut Biscuits

Milk Chocolate and Walnut Biscuits 22012014

These are a sophisticated biscuit, ideally enjoyed with your morning coffee. There’s just enough chocolate to satisfy a chocolate craving and there’s a lovely bit of crunch from the walnuts. Once baked these tempting biscuits won’t stick around for long.

Milk Chocolate and Walnut Biscuits v2 22012014

Ingredients (Makes 14)

225g plain flour
175g unsalted butter (softened)
100g golden caster sugar
100g milk chocolate chips
50g walnuts (chopped)


1. Cream together the butter and sugar together until thoroughly combined.

2. Stir in the flour using a wooden spoon until the mixture becomes a dough. It may seem too dry at first but keep mixing and it will then come together.

3. Add the chocolate chips and walnuts and knead briefly to evenly distribute throughout the dough.

4. Line two baking sheets with baking parchment.

5. Divide the biscuit dough into 14 pieces, roll each piece into a ball. Then, place the balls of biscuit dough on the lined baking sheet and flatten until about 1cm thick.

6. Place both the baking sheets in the fridge to allow the uncooked biscuits to firm up, chill for at least 1 hour.

7. Pre heat the oven to Fan 160c.

8. Oven bake the biscuits for about 20 to 25 minutes, the biscuits will be pale gold when cooked. I recommend you take a look at the biscuits after 20 minutes and if you think they need longer pop them back in the oven.

9. Once cooked remove from the oven and leave on the baking sheets for 10 minutes, then transfer to a cooling rack to finish cooling.

Milk Chocolate and Walnut Biscuits 22012014

Milk Chocolate and Walnut Biscuits v2 22012014

Do you have a favourite biscuit or cookie to bake? I would love to hear about it. Don’t forget you can leave your comments in the box below.

Happy baking.


I’ve entered this recipe into the #recipeoftheweek challenge over at A Mummy Too.

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I’ve also entered this recipe into the Tea Time Treats challenge organised by Karen at Lavender and Lovage and Jane at The Hedgecombers. This months chocolate challenge is hosted by Karen.

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34 thoughts on “Milk Chocolate and Walnut Biscuits

  1. Le Coin de Mel says:

    Julie, these look delicious, and the photos you took are beautiful! I particularly like the second one. Might be trying a “free from” version so the little one can have them, too (or just make them as per your recipe and hide them from her!). x Mel

    • Julie says:

      Thank you, that’s kind of you to say. I hope you try the recipe, it really is quite straight forward and then you can taste them for yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. thelondonolive says:

    Wow these look incredible! Such beautiful photos – I could literally eat them off the screen they look so good! Will def be trying them out very soon – will let you know how they turn out. X

  3. Emily @amummytoo says:

    Wow! They look beautiful. Thank for joining in with #recipeoftheweek. I’ve pinned and tweeted this post and there’s a fresh linky live now. I hope you’ll pop over and join in again this week, if you haven’t already!

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