Mary Berry’s Date and Cherry Butter Bars

Date and cherry butter bars

You may have noticed that I’m a huge fan of the queen of cakes Mary Berry and to my delight I received a copy of her latest book Mary Berry Cooks for Mother’s Day just gone. Unfortunately, due to life being extremely hectic at the moment I’ve not had as much time as I would like to potter in the kitchen and try out any new recipes. That said, I have book marked a few so watch this space.

Anyway, I did make these gorgeous little buttery bars a little while back but never got round to putting my review of them on the blog. This recipe is taken from my favourite book Mary Berry’s Baking Bible. Filled with chopped dates and cherries these butter bars are quite delicious. I think they are perfect with your afternoon cup of tea. Mary suggests cutting the bake into 24, however this does result in fairly small bars. I suppose there’s nothing stopping you from eating two bars instead of one!

The recipe is simplicity itself. There’s no need to get out your mixer as you make the dough by hand and then press it into the tin to bake. In fact it took no time at all, so for me it’s a great little recipe that I’ll definitely be making again.

Date and cherry butter bars

Do you have a favourite Mary Berry recipe? I would love to hear about it. Mine is probably her Chocolate Chip Brownies, which are lovely and fudgy in the middle.

Until next time, happy baking.



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