Morrisons Mum Shop and Barbecue Menu


To launch their new “I’m cheaper” campaign Morrisons asked Britmums bloggers to become a Morrisons Mum (or Morrisons Dad) and carry out a bank holiday shop and then blog about it. I was delighted to be chosen as a Morrisons Mum, let me tell you more about my experience.

I was given £80 of Morrisons vouchers to spend in store. Armed with my vouchers and shopping list, I headed off to my nearest Morrisons which is located in the next town.

My food shopping included fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and bakery items. I also bought barbecue coals and some household cleaning products. I was very pleased with the cost of the shop and I snapped up quite a few bargains. My best buys had substantial savings namely Nutella, Pilgrims Choice cheddar cheese, Napolina chopped tinned tomatoes, Carte D’Or vanilla ice cream, vine ripened tomatoes and Fairy dishwasher tablets. Overall, I’m very impressed with the quality and price of the items I purchased.

I used some of the items to create this special bank holiday Monday barbecue menu.

Beef and Slow Roast Tomato Burgers
Homemade Salsa
Barbecued Sausages
Spicy Potato Wedges
Spinach and Tomato Salad
Strawberry Brownie Ice Cream Sundae

Here’s some of what I used.

Burger ingredients

Salsa ingredients

Strawberry brownie sundae ingredients

Thank you Morrisons, I was proud to be a Morrisons Mum. I’ll be back very soon with my Morrisons barbecue recipes.

Until then.


Disclosure: For the purposes of this review Morrisons sent me £80 of Morrisons vouchers to spend in store, all opinions are my own and are completely honest.


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