Banoffee Ice Cream Tartlets

Banoffee Ice Cream Tartlets

When Sainsbury’s asked food bloggers to create something for their Ice Cream Challenge I jumped at the chance. Inspired by a banoffee pie, this recipe is a little different. The usual ingredients a caramel layer, sliced banana, whipped cream and chocolate curls are all there. However, you’ll love when these little butter pastry tartlets are broken was a spoon you get the surprise vanilla ice cream filling. Sheer banoffee indulgence. I think these Banoffee Ice Cream Tartlets look rather elegant too and would make a pretty dessert for a dinner party.

The story of how I arrived at these Banoffee Ice Cream Tartlets is fraught with disasters, of the ice cream kind. Let it be said ice cream is a tricky substance to work with. It melts and it melts really fast. You have been warned, work quickly. I finally created this failsafe recipe that tastes like the best ice cream sundae and banoffee pie rolled into one. Follow my instructions and you won’t go wrong.

You won’t need all the chocolate but I’m sure you will find a good use for it, he he!

Banoffee Ice Cream Tartlets

Ingredients (Serves 6)

6 Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference All Butter Sweet Pastry Tartlets (138g)
1/2 tub Sainsbury’s Vanilla Ice Cream 900ml
397g Carnation Caramel
2 small bananas
300ml double cream
200g Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Dark Chocolate


1. The night before, fill each tartlet case with 2 tablespoons of ice cream. Using a spoon gently spread the ice cream across the tartlet base as it starts to melt. Place on a deep baking tray, cover with cling film and freeze over night. Don’t skip this important step, otherwise the recipe won’t work.

2. Make the chocolate curls by scraping a knife across the flat edge of the chocolate bar, set aside until needed

3. Whip the cream until you get stiff peaks.

4. Slice the bananas in rounds.

5. Remove the tartlets from the freezer and spread a tablespoon of caramel on top and then add the sliced banana.

6. Spoon on the whipped cream and decorate with chocolate curls. Serve immediately.

Banoffee Ice Cream Tartlets

I hope you enjoy them. I’d love to know what you think so don’t be shy and please leave me a comment.

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Thank you so much, I think it would make my year. πŸ˜€

Until next time.


Disclosure: Sainsbury’s sponsored me to write this post. All opinions are honest and my own. The recipe is my own.


20 thoughts on “Banoffee Ice Cream Tartlets

    • Julie says:

      Thanks Sarah, can’t wait to see your cake it bet it’ll be awesome. Ha ha, are you trying to count this as one of your five (or is it seven) a day? I promise I won’t tell! xx

  1. sarahhillwheeler @hill_wheeler says:

    It sounds (deceptively?) simple when I read it…..however am guessing as you say the trick is in working fast! Love the idea and the flavour combinations, will be tempted to give it a go…has the makings of a dinner party/restauarnt favourite! Good luck with the competition! Brilliant photos, as ever!

    • Julie says:

      Thank you Sarah. Yes the secret to this is to freeze the ice cream in the tartlets over night and to work quickly when serving up. Make sure your cream is whipped and your chocolate shavings are prepared, then you’re ready to go. Hope you try them, they taste superb. 😊

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