Seasoned Pioneers Product Review

Julie's Family Kitchen

I was recently sent a package of goodies from Seasoned Pioneers to review. You probably have come across the brand for selling around the world spices in resealable foil pouches (designed to retain the freshness and protect the spices from light). Their range includes over 300 authentic spices, chillies, herbs seasonings, specialist ingredients plus a range of organic products too. I’ve been using their tamarind paste for a long time in a lamb dhansak recipe so I was very confident about the quality.

Seasoned Pioneers sent me their Mulled Wine Spices and their Eight Seed Mix. With the Christmas festivities almost upon us I was keen to try out the Mulled Wine Spices to make up a jug of mulled wine, something I’ve never tried before! Containing a mix of cinnamon, cassia, orange peel, allspice berries and clove buds, the aroma that filled the kitchen whilst the spices were simmering with sugar and water was intoxicating. I then added a bottle of Merlot and heated it through. The mulled wine tasted divine and it’s certainly a drink I’ll be serving at Christmas. The instructions also tell you how to make a non alcoholic version too, perfect for children and those who can’t drink alcohol.

Julie's Family Kitchen

The Eight Seed Mix contains mix of white sesame seeds, brown linseed, black sesame seeds, nigella seeds, chia seeds, blue poppy seeds, white poppy seeds and golden linseed. Described on the packaging as mini seeds, I think the eight seed mix would be ideal to use in baking homemade bread and rolls. Something that I’m planning on experimenting with soon.

Until next time.


Disclose: I was sent free samples of Seasoned Pioneers products to review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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